Liderando con la crisis de COVID

The COVID crisis changed the world for all of us. Through it all, JB’s leadership helped us navigate unprecedented challenges, stepped up where Donald Trump and the federal government failed, and is getting us through these tough times.

Health Care and Public Health

  • Followed the advice of doctors and scientists to protect the lives of Illinoisans during the deadly global pandemic
  • Introduced life-saving efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and provide free statewide testing, making Illinois the first state in the nation to test for COVID independently of the federal government
  • Provided free COVID-19 treatment to all Illinois residents who became ill
  • Cut red tape to allow retired nurses and doctors to come back to work in Illinois to fight COVID and mandated insurance coverage for telemedicine to help meet demand for health care caused by the pandemic
  • Deployed the National Guard and built vaccination sites in every corner of Illinois
  • Acquired millions of masks, gloves, ventilators and protective equipment from around the globe to protect Illinois families, health care workers and first responders
  • Partnered with manufacturers and biotech companies to supply lifesaving PPE to Illinoisans
  • Redirected funding to immediate community-based needs, like food banks and telehealth equipment to support customers during the pandemic
  • Provided daily public updates on the latest science and developments regarding COVID-19

Helping Small Businesses

  • Provided thousands of small businesses with grants to help them keep their doors open during the COVID pandemic
  • Worked to re-open the economy while protecting the lives of Illinoisans
  • Secured federal funding to help businesses throughout the state
  • Created the nation’s largest state program giving grants to thousands of small businesses to help them keep their doors open during the COVID pandemic
  • Re-opened the economy while protecting the health and lives of Illinoisans

Helping Vulnerable Communities

  • Increased capacity and streamlined access to emergency shelter for individuals and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence during the pandemic
  • Expanded transportation, grocery shopping, and meal delivery to tens of thousands seniors during the pandemic
  • Throughout the pandemic, provided resources and assistance to local organizations serving our most vulnerable citizens
  • Provided unprecedented support for vulnerable immigrant and refugee families, including rental and utility assistance, employment and job training services, and health care

Making Child Care Available

  • Launched a nation-leading child care grant program to support nearly 5,000 childcare centers
  • Reduced child care co-pay for pandemic essential workers to $1 per month
  • Provided pandemic relief for individuals with student loans

Food Security

  • Provided over one million Illinois children with food relief through the Pandemic EBT program
  • Assisted school districts in providing free lunch to students
  • Grew meal delivery programs for seniors and worked with grocers to assist those most vulnerable to COVID
  • Expanded SNAP food assistance to low-income Illinoisans hit hardest financially by the pandemic

Housing Support

  • Protected families suffering pandemic financial hardship from losing their homes with the nation’s most efficient housing assistance program, providing help to over 150,000 landlords and homeowners
  • Prohibited evictions and vehicle repossessions for those suffering pandemic-related financial hardship
  • Prevented utility shutoffs for 115,000 homes and facilitated utility bill reductions of over $115 million for Illinoisans needing the most help
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