In The News: Andy Manar Endorses JB Pritzker

Chicago, IL – Yesterday, school funding reform champion and central Illinois state Senator Andy Manar endorsed JB Pritzker for governor. Here’s what Illinoisans are reading and seeing in the news about the endorsement:

From KLJB:



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From WMAY: Manar Endorses Gubernatorial Hopeful J.B. Pritzker:

J.B. Pritzker is lining up more support as he tries to crowd out the competition for the Democratic nomination for governor.

At a news conference in Springfield, Pritzker got the endorsement of state Senator Andy Manar.

Manar, who authored the school funding reform plan that was finally passed last summer says Pritzker will be a champion for education and will stand up for areas of Downstate Illinois that Manar says have been ignored by Republican incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner.

From WSOY: Pritzker Receives Senator Andy Manar’s Support for Governor:

Gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker has received an endorsement from fellow Democrat, State Senator Andy Manar.

Pritzker announced the support on Wednesday morning at the AFL-CIO Headquarters in Springfield. He said he was delighted to have Manar’s support based on Manar’s advocacy for education. “ I’m excited for Senator Manar’s support because he’s one of the most respected people in Springfield and he’s been an education leader during his entire tenure. That’s something that will be a priority issue in a Pritzker administration.”

Manar said Pritzker’s candidacy offers more than just a chance for a Democratic Governor. “You have to have a candidate to rebuild the party in places that Democrats haven’t won elections in recent election cycles. The first thing you need is a candidate who cares. You need someone that shows up. You need someone who supports grassroots organizations.” Manar was linked to the Governor’s race at one point, but opted to focus on his legislative priorities instead.

From Politico Illinois Playbook: State Sen. Andy Manar backs Pritzker:

State Sen. Andy Manar BACKS PRITZKER – Manar held a joint news conference to announce his endorsement: “It’s time for a leader with a track record of helping regular families and a clear vision to get Illinois headed in the right direction,” Manar said in a statement. … “in an issue close to my heart, he has helped our school children, creating new early childhood education opportunities and helping expand the state’s school breakfast program to over 175,000 students in at-risk districts in rural and urban areas. I look forward to working with him to build a stronger future in Illinois for our children and generations to come.”

From Capitol Fax: Manar forcefully endorses Pritzker:

Sen. Andy Manar sent this out to his e-mail list today, and I thought you might like to see it…

Illinois needs a new direction, the people of the 48th Senate district need a new direction, Downstate Illinois needs a new direction.

And right now more than ever, Illinois needs a steady hand at the wheel, someone that can reform state government and build the trust and leadership that are required to make state government work for working people. And I believe JB Pritzker is the right man for this job and I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for Governor.

JB Pritzker is committed to building the downstate economy in places that have been forgotten by Bruce Rauner. Bruce Rauner pays nothing but lip service to middle-class families living in Downstate Illinois while his economic policies are punishing their pocketbooks. Bruce Rauner takes Downstate voters for granted as evidenced by his attire. I know that JB Pritzker is committed to creating jobs in small towns and rural counties. In Gillespie, I watched JB listen to a constituent that has struggled to find employment. JB will remember him when decisions have to be made. I’ve heard him listen to workers in Decatur and commit to protecting their right to collectively bargain. He is committed to building the Downstate economy and he has laid out very specific plans to do so.

Speaking of building, JB Pritzker is committed to building the democratic party in Downstate Illinois. Why is that important? Because his strategy for governing I believe will be reflective of the statewide strategy that he has set into motion in his campaign from day one. He will be a Governor for all of the State and won’t be a governor that uses the office to divide the state to advance a political agenda. That is something that I welcome and that’s a very big reason why I’m standing here today. He is committed to all 102 counties in the State of Illinois.

JB Pritzker is a listener. And for me that would be a welcome change in the Governor’s office—someone that actually listens, someone that seeks to understand, someone that wakes up every day to work with others to set into motion positive change, someone that builds consensus, someone that can bring Illinois together—that’s what we need today in our State.

And finally, perhaps the issue that he and I have discussed the most is the importance of continuing our public investment in public education, FIRST in the least funded schools in Illinois. I’ve pushed JB, I’ve pushed him hard in our conversations not because I’m pushy but because I didn’t spend five years of my life fighting for reform only to watch it be pushed aside or dismantled a year or two from now. JB views the issue of equity in public education the same way that I do. And I’ve come to appreciate that it is a deeply held opinion that he has. We share many common interests, but there is no greater common interest than our shared desire to give every child in Illinois an equal shot at life and that starts by attacking poverty in the public-school classroom. Yes, it took five years to successfully indict the system that stacked the deck against children living in poverty. Yes, that system today has now been erased. Yes, a whole lot of folks are taking credit for things that they opposed for years. But what I’m most interested in is this: Governor JB Pritzker will be a partner to me to make sure we stay true to our promise of educational equity for all kids in the smallest of towns, in the toughest of neighborhoods, JB Prtizker will be fighting that fight with me when he’s in the Governor’s office.

We’ve got so many challenges in the State of Illinois. JB and I are ready to unite Illinois and finally move our state forward.

JB Pritzker is going to fix Illinois. And I’m going help him win this election and get the job done.


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